Small Business

  • New business formation
  • Non – Profit Organization
  • Full payroll services
  • Accounting, QuickBooks services
  • Sales and C.A.T. Tax
  • Ohio Job & Family Services
  • Bank reconciliation & financing
  • All federal, state and local filing
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Bureau of Workers Compensation
  • Strategic business planning & valuation
  • Accounts payables, receivables & cash flow

Social Security

  • More than 90% of retired social security recipients leave benefits unclaimed due to application oversights. How to maximize your Social Security benefits?
  • Reviewing your Social Security earnings and benefit statement.
  • Determining what age to begin receiving Social Security benefits.
  • Reviewing your break-even point.
  • Identifying when you should apply for Social Security benefits.
  • Calculating whose account your benefits will be based on.
  • Reviewing unique issues such as children situations.
  • Understanding Medicare, parts A, B, C, D.



  • Wealth Management
  • Investments
  • Estate Planning
  • 401 K Plans
  • Retirements
  • College Savings Plans